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Our Testimonials

We’re proud of receiving quality feedback from all of our A-Star Driver students. Please see below for all our Google Business feedbacks.

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Hiba Azim

Date. 12/4/2019

I highly recommend Mark as an Instructor! I was able to gain confidence after being off the road for a while and Mark helped me let go of some bad driving habits picked up from previous instructors.

He uses diagrams to help explain certain situations which really helped me get a better understanding and this was reflected in my driving as I was able to pass on my first attempt with Mark as my instructor 😊


Beth Sinclair

Date 04/04/19

Passed first time today learning with Mark. He is very patient and extremely helpful as an instructor. He went into detail with everything I needed to know each lesson by using different techniques and methods which really helped me. He always made me feel calm and relaxed during lessons even when things didn’t always go to plan. Thank you!🙏🏽


Charlie McNeil


27 mins ago

I passed first time with mark as my instructor and couldn’t recommend him enough, he is very patient and supportive throughout the driving lessons

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Thanks Charlie, enjoy your freedom.



Ben Heap

​Date 11/1/2019.

Mark is a fantastic instructor, always patient and has the determination for you to pass 1st time!

I’m proud to say I passed 1st time thanks to Mark!

I would highly recommend A Star Driving School!

Thank you Mark for all you’ve done and getting me driving as quickly as possible!


Felon Mahrous

Date, 17/12/2018.

It was an absolute pleasure being taught by Mark. He’s very patient with you ensuring that when you make a mistake, which will happen a lot at first, you stay under control and move on. He’s calming and doesn’t make you feel like you’re under any pressure. He’s very good at identifying your weaknesses and improving them by adapting his teaching style to whatever helps you the most. I would definitely recommend to friends and family!

Thank you for helping me pass first time!!


Casey Watson

Passed 1st Time at Southampton East DTC at 09:07am.

Thank you Mark, I couldn’t have done it with out you! You put the ‘A star’ in A star driving school.

Updated 17/11/2018.


Sara Cepele

I passed first time with A Star Driving School and found that it was mainly down to Mark’s effective and methodical teaching. I always felt calm when driving and was able to build my confidence and skills on the road quickly! Very useful, lessons were always productive, I highly recommend.

Date 15/11/2018.


Lydia Cole


17 mins ago

I passed first time today with Mark I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn how to drive. He is very patient and easy to talk to all ways giving little comments to boost your confidence .

Date 1/11/2018

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Jenna Sutton

I passed first time today with Mark. He was always so patient with me as I was very nervous about learning to drive. He made sure I was ready for my test and I am very thankful

Date 31/10/2018.


Becky Lenney

Mark was always supportive and an amazing Instructor.

He’s the second instructor I had and found him much better than my first!

He uses diagrams and goes through things with you to allow you to understand and get confident in what you are being taught. And look I passed first time!

I wouldn’t have been able to do that without him!

Not a fault at all! I’ll be recommending him to everyone who asks!

Date: 22/10/2018.


Scarlett Godzikowska

Mark has been a fantastic instructor. Very calm and helpful. I struggle with my nerves but he really puts you at ease. Would highly recommend 😊

Passed 1st Time today 19/10/2018 at Southampton East DTC 10:14 am.


Courtney Roberts

Mark is a brilliant instructor and was very patient with me throughout my time with him.

He has now passed all three sisters and we would all definitely recommend him to anyone. I’m going to miss our chats during our lessons! Thank you again Mark x


Hannah Vowles

Mark you are a wonderful driving instructor, thank you so much for teaching Hannah, we are so proud of her passing first time today and that’s all down to u. You made Hannah feel at ease,and boosted her confidence, you certainly go above and beyond for your students and not forgetting that you also taught Alice who passed first time as well. We highly recommend Mark, he’s the best. ⭐️


Lucy Curnow

Mark is very helpful and patient with me when I was learning to drive, he would give me useful tips to help with driving. I passed 1st Time with Mark as my instructor. Thank you so much mark!

Date: 8/10/2018.


Stephanie B

Will definitely be recommending A Star Driving School and Mark to any new learner! He never gave up on me, he was always so kind and has a very good way of teaching. Never felt rushed and he helped keep me positive.

Thank you!

Date: 3/10/2018.


Tinatin Tsereteli

mark is a fantastic driving instructor with great patients and teaching. I passed first time and he made me feel comfortable whilst driving in busy conditions. We would go over the criteria of the lesson at the beginning and we would aim to achieve it by the end of the lesson. I could not recommend him enough to everyone, even those with not much confidence

Date: 17/09/2018.


Beth Davis

Would highly recommend mark have had a brilliant experience learning with him. Very patient and easy to talk to. Thank you very much.


Amber Hobbs

Mark is an amazing driving instructor, who had me passed in a few months (first time) after having a previous instructor.

He is always on time, and patient and really Helpful. Would recommend A star driving school, to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Date: 30/07/2018.


Amy Kinsella

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who wishes to learn how to drive. He is friendly and patient, and really builds up your confidence on the road. He is an amazing instructor and I’m so thankful for his help.


Michael Lin

I am so lucky to have Mark as my driving instructor! He helped me to build up my confidence in driving and developed my driving skills whilst being patient and reassuring! Highly recommended!


Nancy Brace

I prepared to return to driving after a break of seven years and called on Mark for refresher lessons as I had zero confidence in my driving ability.

Mark is calm, patient, professional and has a way of explaining things before, during and after each lesson that put me at ease and made me realise that I could return to driving and be both competent and confident.

In addition, Mark is exceptional value for money and puts a real emphasis on addressing the mental and physical blocks students put on themselves in the form of anxieties and works with the student to overcome them.

Thanks very much Mark.


Darian Vincent

Passed my driving test today 10/04/2018 1st Time with mark couldn’t be happier to accomplish my goal this year. Will highly recommend to anyone wanting to drive


Ewan McCormick

Had a lot of fun learning to drive with Marc he’s a very good instructor. Very good at his job. I would recommend to anyone looking to start driving to go to him, I passed 1st Time.


Saqib Kayani

Best instructor in Southampton, would highly recommend!


Audie Haynes

Mark is very patient, friendly and motivating.

He really helped me with my confidence on the road from start to finish, i would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Best driving instructor by far 😊


Bethany Sarah Mckenna

I was able to pass first time with Mark and felt I was very prepared for my test! Would highly recommend!


Maya Harris

Mark is an amazing instructor, very patient and helped me build confidence on the road. I would definitely recommend!!


J. M. Álvarez

Mark is a great instructor: he is very patient, calm and explains everything thoroughly. Even though I was concerned with driving on the left side, he helped me gain confidence in my driving skills.


Lewis Pengelly

Mark is a great instructor he’s helped me build confidence on the road, a reliable hardworking character for young instructors i wish him all the best!

I passed 1st Time.


Soraya Shanice

Past my driving test with mark today. Absolutely amazing driving instructor couldn’t ask for anyone better, he has so much patience and makes you feel extremely comfortable when driving which is what everyone wants. Couldn’t recommend him enough!!!! Thankyou sooo much mark. Soraya x


Mali Feng

Mark is a great instructor he’s helped me build confidence on the road, a reliable hardworking character for young instructors i wish him all the best!


Eleanor Fitton

Mark is an amazing and friendly instructor who I would reccomend to anyone! He’s been brilliant and I’m so happy to now be on the road ! Thankyou so much 😊 x

Passed 1st Time.


Chloe Cook

Mark was really nice and helpful throughout my time of learning I would definitely recommend.

Passed 1st Time.

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